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आद्य रंगाचार्य (श्रीरंग) ह्यांच्या लिखाणात विचारनाविन्याची देणगी आणि प्रयोगशीलतेची आवड कटाक्षाने जाणवते.
अनादि-अनंत मध्ये त्यांनी स्त्रीपुरुष संबंधांची समर्थपणे उकल केली आहे.
डॉ. जी. एस. अमूर.
ह्या कादंबरीत पात्रांच्या अंतरंगाचं विश्लेषण आहे. त्यामुळे हिची शैलीच निराळी आहे. मी नाटककार असल्यामुळे ही शैली सहजसुलभ आणि परिणामकारक वाटली असल्यास आश्चर्य नसावे.
आद्य रंगाचार्य (श्रीरंग)
This is the eighth novel through the writer Aadya Rangacharya. This novel casts a gentle at the courting among a guy and a lady. really, nowhere during this novel he describes the intimate acts among a guy and girl yet basically indicates. His type displays the interior middle of the humans. notwithstanding extremely simple this type is particularly potent. This novel relies at the courting of a husband and his unwell spouse, a true bed-ridden person who is not able to provide him any actual excitement. After her demise, he marries her cousin to whom he used to be attracted extraordinarily. the total novel thereafter is predicated on their courting. It ends without warning, after we imagine that it's going to take a few sturdy turn.

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