Aliens in Ancient Egypt: The Brotherhood of the Serpent and by Xaviant Haze PDF

By Xaviant Haze

ISBN-10: 159143159X

ISBN-13: 9781591431596

The alien affects in the back of the increase and fall of Egypt’s Golden Age

• Explains how Akhenaten was once the final pharaoh entrusted with the sacred and old alien wisdom of stargates, unfastened power, and antigravity applied sciences

• unearths how the Brotherhood of the Snake, a mystery society of reptilian extraterrestrial beings, sought to ruin Akhenaten and suppress the sacred wisdom of the pharaohs

• Explores the unique goal of the pyramids--to transmit strength to extend consciousness--and how they have been decommissioned after the good Flood

The refined civilization of historic Egypt arose likely in a single day, whole with complex degrees of artwork, agriculture, astronomy, and physics. Then, with the demise of Pharaoh Akhenaten, a lot of this larger wisdom used to be lost--or suppressed. yet proof of this former Golden Age, the alien viewers at the back of its upward push, and people in the back of its decline nonetheless exists--some of it in undeniable sight.

Examining the purposefully obscured reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Xaviant Haze explains how they characterize the final dynasty with entry to the sacred wisdom of stargates, loose power, and antigravity applied sciences, wisdom passed down from a complicated interstellar race within the distant earlier. He finds how the reptilian race often called the Shemsu Hor infiltrated the Egyptian priesthood and banking structures and shaped the Brotherhood of the Snake--a mystery society set on destroying Akhenaten’s flourishing country and suppressing the sacred wisdom of the pharaohs.

Haze examines the proof of extraterrestrial beings in historic Egypt, reminiscent of the reptilian beings depicted within the Temple of Hathor and Thutmose III’s alien come across. He exhibits how Akhenaten and his relations are continually portrayed with elongated skulls and explores the relationship among old extraterrestrial beings and Mars, together with the Martian fabrics utilized in Egyptian monuments. He explains the unique function of the pyramids--to transmit uplifting power in the course of the planet to aid extend consciousness--and explores how they have been decommissioned after the nice Flood of prehistory. He finds how the unique developers of the pyramids foresaw humanity’s fall from the Golden Age and strategically encoded those outstanding buildings to wake humanity from the depths of the darkish Ages.

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